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The CIRV mobile app revolutionizes the experience of connecting consumers with local establishments

Andrew Martel

  • Description of the idea

    CIRV is a mobile application that modernizes the way consumers connect with and visit local establishments. It gives you, the consumer, everything you need to plan and execute each outing to make the most of your most valuable resource - your time. We show you real-time crowds, platform exclusive discounts right there within the app, help you synchronize departure and arrival times with your entire group (if any), find live music and events, and even pay for things right there within the app! Are you a business owner or franchisee? Don't worry we certainly haven't forgotten about you! With CIRV, you no longer have to worry about whether or not your mobile marketing campaign will get you the ROI you deserve, and you can leverage our platform to learn what actually works and what doesn't. CIRV allows you to post discounts to the entire consumer base on the platform instantly with with the press of a button. You get unlimited revisions/changes and full transparency into how many customers we've helped you get buying in-store. The best part? You won't pay us a cent until we get a customer in your doors! Want us to determine the best timing and audience for your campaign with discounts that are dynamic and personalized for each customer? After working with us for a few months, our algorithms will learn what works best and handle the rest.
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    There are three key reasons why now is the best time to be launching this idea: 1) Technology is finally ready - back in 2009, Foursquare set out to do almost exactly what CIRV seeks to do today. Unfortunately, they were ahead of their time, and the tech required to make it work wasn't ready. Fortunately for CIRV, things have changed, and the world is ready for this solution. 2) The space is ripe for innovation - the last major innovation in mobile business listings/marketing was in 2010 with the launch of Groupon. It is time for us to do better. 3) COVID-19 - the world is finally opening back up after a long 15+ months in isolation due to the global pandemic. We are here to make that transition the best it can be.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    CIRV's competitive advantages are also three-fold: 1) Our team - CIRV is built with a solid foundational team consisting of industry experts, people with a track record of startup success, and who have a wide range of skills to ensure that all parts of the business grow in synchronization. 2) Our speed - as a small startup, CIRV has the ability to rapidly make changes to the product roadmap as we receive more and more feedback from the community. There are no long, drawn-out governance processes required to pivot. The leadership team hears your voice and says "we can fix that." 3) Our research - CIRV was and always will be designed and built with its customers in mind; we listened to your needs and custom-built a solution to fit them.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    If we are fortunate enough to win the $10,000 prize, we will use it primarily to enhance our MVP through hiring of top-tier software engineers. We held a private beta test in April 2021, which yielded resoundingly positive feedback and a few key insights on how to take our service to the next level. We will also us a small portion to run awareness campaigns to ensure the world knows what they're missing out on. With your help, we can execute the roadmap illustrated in our pitch image to bring you the world-class mobile experience you have come to expect (and frankly, that you deserve!). We'd like to give you a fair warning though, you just might become reliant on us!